Upwords Word Game

Upwords is the word game of high-stacking and word-hacking for ages 8 and up. Can be played with a #GameSquad of 2-4 players or played solo. Experience high-stacking, word-hacking, quick-scoring fun with Upwords!

HIGH-STACKING, WORD-BUILDING GAME: The higher you stack, the higher you score! In Upwords, each player starts with 7 letter tiles. Play words across or down to make new words or stack on top of tiles to change a word! Earn points for every tile put down.

INTENSE, STRATEGIC WORDPLAY: Stack and hack to get the highest score! Score points for words a single tile high and for any letter tiles stacked underneath. Earn bonus points if you use all 7 of your tiles in a single turn. Fun for players of all skill levels to compete with each other!

ROTATING GAMEBOARD : With a lazy Susan design, players can easily place their tiles on the Upwords gameboard. When it’s your turn, simply turn the gameboard in your direction to play your word. Upwords is easy for families to pick up and play!



43 in stock

43 in stock


Packaging Size: 27 x 26 x 5cm

8yrs +

2-4 Players

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