A.R.I.A'S Adventures Virtual Reality for Apple Devices

A.R.I.A’s Adventures is an exciting and educational toy that uses the latest Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies, bringing modern-day and prehistoric animals to life. A.R.I.A’s Adventures was created for children aged four years and older as an introduction to the exciting three-dimensional and highly immersive world of VR and AR

A.R.I.A.’s Adventures includes 100 interactive flash cards, a Virtual Reality animal park and 3D colouring pages. Children can immerse themselves in a virtual reality animal park and learn fun facts as they go. The 3D colouring pages bring the characters into the real world. Scan a card with a smart device to make the animals come to life. Each animal card can be viewed with a smart device or with the VR glasses, which are included in the pack. The animals can be viewed in 3D and animated, and as the card is tilted and rotated, it can be viewed from different angles.

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31 in stock

31 in stock


Packaging Size:  26 x 23 x 12cm

Includes:  Virtual Reality Headset + 100 Animal Cards + 12 Unique Colouring Pages.

Requires iOS 9.0 or newer.  Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.